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وب سایت English as a Second Language Podcast که توسط تیمی از استادان زبان انگلیسی در آمریکا اداره می شود، منبعی خوب برای یادگیری مکالمه به زبان انگلیسی و آشنایی با فرهنگ معاصر کشورهای انگلیسی زبان است. این وب سایت حاوی فایل های صوتی به زبان انگلیسی است که هرکدام مکالمه ای بین دو نفر درباره موضوعی خاص را شامل می شوند. با عضویت در این سایت و پرداخت حق عضویت می توان یک راهنمای یادگیری برای هر فایل آموزشی را نیز دانلود کرد که حاوی متن کامل مکالمه و تعاریف و واژگان جدید بکار رفته و مطالب مفید دیگر است. در هر پادکست آموزشی این سایت، ابتدا یک مکالمه با سرعت کم پخش می شود. سپس دکتر جف مک کولین مدیرسایت، متن مکالمه را مرور کرده و درباره هر جمله توضیحات مفیدی ارائه می دهد. در پایان مکالمه با سرعت عادی پخش می شود. بدین ترتیب شنونده فرصت درک کامل مطلب آموزشی را پیدا خواهد کرد.


در زیر لینک به برخی پادکست ها همراه با راهنمای یادگیری آنها به فرمت PDF ارائه شده است.

ESL Podcast 291 :– Going on a Diet <Podcast> <Learning Guide>


Decima: My scale at home can’t be right. I weighed myself this morning and I’ve gained another five pounds since last month! 
Sebastian: You’re not the only one. My pants are feeling tight and it’s getting harder to see my feet! 
Decima: Okay, I’m making a decision right here, right now. I’m going on a diet, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to shed these extra pounds. Right after work I’m going to the drugstore for some diet pills. 
Sebastian: You’ll want to take it easy with those pills. My wife took some diet pills last year and she did lose some weight, but she gained it right back. She found it was better to eat right by getting plenty of fruits and vegetables, and to eat more low-fat protein and fewer empty carbs. The truth is, she had been yo-yo dieting for years until she changed her diet and started exercising. 
Decima: Oh, no. Not exercise. I hate exercising. I’d rather fast than go to a gym. 
Sebastian: That’s how I feel, but I’m starting to come around to wife’s thinking. Working out helped her with her 30-pound weight- loss earlier this year and she’s kept it off. I mayfollow her example so I can get rid of these love handles. 
Decima: What kind of exercise are you thinking about? 
Sebastian: Nothing too strenuous. I’m thinking of walking before work everyday and maybe taking a walk at lunchtime. 
Decima: I suppose I could start with some walking. Maybe I’ll join you for your lunchtime walk. If I don’t do something soon, I’ll be obese in a few months. 

Sebastian: No, you won’t, but you’re welcome to join me. When should we start? Today? 

Decima: Today? No, not today. Let’s start tomorrow. 

Sebastian: All right. We’ll start tomorrow, then. 


ESL Podcast 227 : Describing Symptoms to a Doctor <Podcast> <Learning Guide>


Dr. van Eyck: Good morning, I’m Dr. van Eyck. I understand that you’re not feeling well. 

Nico: That’s right, doctor. I’ve had a stomachache for three days. The pain comes and goes, but I also have heartburn and I am feeling bloated all the time. 

Dr. van Eyck: Well, let’s take a look. Have you felt nauseous? Does it hurt when I press here? 

Nico: Oh yes, that hurts, and I feel nauseous all the time. But, doctor, that’s not all. I’ve also had bad headaches in the past week and I feel fatigued all the time. 

Dr. van Eyck: Have you had a stuffy nose, a cough, a sore throat, or an earache? 

Nico: Yes, I’ve had all of those. 

Dr. van Eyck: You have? All of them? 

Nico: And, there’s more. I’ve been feeling pains in my leg. Sometimes it feels stiff and sometimes I lose feeling in it. I’m having a lot of trouble walking. 

Dr. van Eyck: I have to say that you have an unusual combination of symptoms. Have there been any significant changes in your life in the past few days? 

Nico: Well, my in-laws are visiting from out of town. Do you think you’ll need to admit me into the hospital for tests? 

Dr. van Eyck: I’m not sure that’s necessary. Are things really that bad at home? 

Nico: You have no idea! 

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